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Zup Real Wave will transform your business and ensure agility to meet the needs of your customers.

Fully customizable product catalog

Easily configure your business catalog, reducing costs and time-to-market.


Define the product structure and parameters to offer it.

Sales manager

Manage the cycle of customer purchases


Manage installation and changes of products and offers

Connect to any
payments provider

Create connectors for any payment gateways on the market, ensure security for sensitive data, and manage customer signatures using Subscription Manager.


Manage all payments, with settings rules for application

Digital Wallet

Safe storage of payment data. PCI DSS Certification 3.2


Pay and share data, voice and SMS another person

Subscription Manager

Subscription Management: Recurring and online billing.


Segment your customer base and send personalized messages and notifications.

Scheduled Campaign

Define repetition, specific time and date to reach customers

Real Time Campaign

Dynamic campaign according to customer behavior

Immediate Campaign

Create and run a campaign  immediately

Notification Services

Delivery with performance and security

Manage all customer information

Create and maintain your customers using a fully customizable data system, use custom fields to tailor the pre-defined customer to your needs.

Customer Information Manager

Manage all customer information including product and offers inventory

Profile & Tag Manager

Segment and categorise customers

User Manager

Manage internal and external useres

Enhance user engagement

Enhance your user engagement with referral programs and coupons, encouraging them to bring in new transactions and users.

Referral Program

Reward customers for sharing your product with their friends.


Define  customer engagement strategies with coupons


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Our products are designed to attend each of our client's needs. They work along side your business strategy and help to solve the most complex challenges.

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