Process and analyses
data in real time

Cora is responsible for leveraging the power of
artificial intelligence in learning and conversation interfaces, proactively increasing revenue and customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Cora is a full stack tool that works with Machine Learning Algorithms that process
and analyses data in real time to take actions instantly with advanced chatbots that proactively triggers customers Next Best Offer and Next Best Actions.

A backoffice
for all your chatbots


Reduce service costs and increase customer satisfaction by helping them when they need it and using the tools they already have.


Use rich content such as pictures and carousels to make conversations easy to understand and use.


Allows customers to quickly navigate the conversation, offering options for follow-up.

nest best action

Clients are not all the same. Use Cora's intelligent targeting with Machine Learning customizable attendance streams.


Use learning algorithms to deliver
to customers the best possible offer and watchthe revenue grow

GET proactive with care

Why wait for customers to ask for help when you already know they need it? Be proactive with Cora's Machine Learning campaigns.


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of our products

Our products are designed to attend each of our client's needs. They work along side your business strategy
and help to solve the most
complex challenges.

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