our culture

We create exponential growth environments
We have grown over 30 times in the last 9 years and we are over 1760 zuppers around the world.

Our values

Zupper helps zupper

Collaboration starts from the inside out. All zuppers are part of the solution and we take care of each other.

We deliver value fast

With each activity, we ponder if it is the best way to deliver value to the customer's strategy.

Growth Mindset

We create environments that promote exponential growth. For this we test and learn fast.

Outstanding team

People who inspire each other and who together form a creative team, able to think outside the box.

Passion for customer success

We do not want to be just suppliers. We want to create lasting partnerships, aligning our objectives with our client's.

Our pillars

Purpose decides

Always choose actions that make our purpose a reality, even if the expected result comes in the long term.

We are nerds

The technical level has a direct relationship with the quality, efficiency and speed of what we deliver.

We are collaborative

As important as creating, is to adopt good solutions and ultimately co-create even better solutions.

Be transformative

Playing your role masterfully is important, but worrying about helping to move the whole is essential. #beafounder

Make mistakes

If you make mistakes where no one did, congratulations, you just tried what nobody tried.

Solve the right problem

Impact related to our ability to see the context broadly and prioritize the right problem.

Learn beyond

Whoever learns faster is ahead of the market.

Team out of the curve

A critical variable in exponential growth is working with people as good or better than you

Zupper help zupper

The African proverb says "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Go ahead, trust!

We trust collective intelligence when discussing group problems, we focus on the best way to solve it and then we go ahead.

Be authentic, expose yourself

We praise our essence, so express your opinions and ideas. This generates confidence, in addition to possibilities and better results.

We are guardians

We value, respect and protect our environments, applications and data of customers and their users.

Respect and inclusion

Always choose actions that make our purpose a reality, even if the expected result comes in the long term.

Do you fit into our culture?#ComeToZup

Our opportunities

At Zup, our main purpose is to create an exponential growth environment, which provides a lot of opportunities to evolve your carrer.



Working at Zup means to be immersed in an innovative, growth oriented environment that has transformed me both a person and a professional.

eliseu conz

HR Business Partner

What Zup offered me, was the opportunity for growth. Today, I have plans I had not dreamed of before being part of this amazing team.


Employer Branding


Flávio Zago

VP of sales, financial,
former-executive at Globo and Buscapé

Bruno Pierobon

CEO & Founder, self-taught developer since the age of 13, former director of R&D of Algar group

Gustavo Debs

VP de Growth, marketing
and people. Specialized
in innovation and entrepreneurship, by Stanford and project management, by FGV

Felipe Almeida

VP of telecom sales, specialized in innovation and entrepreneurship, by Stanford, founding partner of Aktuellmix

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